What is Isofix?

IsoFix is one of the safest systems available for attaching child car seats, guaranteeing protection for your child.

Its outstanding safety benefits and features include:

  • Fast and easy installation and removal – no need for seat belts
  • Solid and permanent connection between the car seat and the car body
  • Instant visual and/or sound warning if the car seat is not installed correctly
  • Proven to be outstandingly safe in tests
  • Superior head and neck protection
  • Will not work loose (as can be the case with seat belt attachment
  • Much more difficult to fit incorrectly (unlike seat belt attachment)
IsoFix is standardised worldwide and was developed in partnership with the automotive industry. Almost all new cars are fitted with the IsoFix system. The name IsoFix stands for ISO (International Standardisation Organisation) plus ‘Fix’

How does IsoFix work?

Simply click your IsoFix-compatible car seat or base into position and secure it to the two IsoFix anchorage points in the car.

Installing the two standard ISOFIX attachment points at the base of the car seat to the car’s ISOFIX fitting points.

Maxi-Cosi ISOFIX baby and toddler car seats (group 0+ and group 1) and base units have a support leg or top tether to prevent pitching forward in case of an accident. For group 2/3 car seats this is not required, since the car’s seat belt is still being used.

Support leg:
The support leg is a very commonly used anti-tipping device. It is a so called semi-universal system, which means that for correct fit the Maxi-Cosi car fitting list should be consulted. The support leg is positioned at the floor of the car between the back seat and the front seat, or between the front seat and dashboard. Attention should be paid that the car does not have a floor compartment as this could negatively impact the safety performance. The Maxi-Cosi online car fitting list can be consulted to see if the car seat of your choice can be safely installed in your car.

Top tether:
Top tether is a universal system, which means that the car seat should fit all cars with a top tether anchor point. The top tether can be located at different places in the back of the car: at the back of the rear seat, at the bottom of the trunk or on the ceiling. In most new cars this anchor point is highlighted with the top-tether logo (displaying an anchor). Please consult the manual of the car to see if the car is equipped with a top tether anchorage. The Maxi-Cosi online car fitting list can be consulted to see if the car seat of your choice can be safely installed in your car and where the top tether location can be found.

There’s a safe Isofix option in all age categories.

Check if your car has Isofix HERE (Maxi Cosi Car fitting list)